Thursday, August 7, 2008

Moving Along

I know there must be loads of people out there wondering what is going on with our backyard landscape project. So, to satisfy your curiosity, I'd like to announce that things are moving along nicely. (Remember what it's like to have a microscopic yard Emily?)

Here is a picture of what our yard looked like "before" our project started. In this picture, a section of the fence has been removed to make way for a little excavator which was about to come through and grade the slope of the yard. This picture was taken in May, 2008. And here we are today, August 2008. Obviously we are not finished yet. In fact, we have a list of about 20 things to do before we can consider our backyard complete. But, some of those to-do items include purchasing a patio table and chairs and due to budget constraints, that will most likely not happen until July 2009. (Unless anyone knows of an awesome used patio table and chairs for sale--cheap!)
Right now we are growing weeds. We are watering that little patch of dirt in the middle of the yard so that the latent weed seed will germinate and emerge. Then we will kill the weeds and plant the grass seed. The idea is that this will give us a gorgeous, weed-free lawn.
Of course once the weed seeds blow into our yard from the open space behind our house, our weed free lawn will most likely be compromised. But it will be completely awesome for a while anyway.
Tomorrow our patio will get a nice pressure washing with muriatic acid. Then Robert will seal the patio. Later next week a landscape designer will come and give us suggestions for plants to put in our beds.
Things are definitely moving along!


Emily said...

Good times Afton! I remember well my little yard that I could bearly take care of. You should come up and see the place we have. Maybe later on in the fall, I could split a few hostas for you or some rock rose. I only live a few minutes from you now. I remember doing a yard from scratch in Sacramento with Kevin. It was really satisfying to see it all come together. If you want I can bring up my roosters to poop on your dirt and eat all the weed seeds? I am sure your kids would love it, but probably not your husband.

Afton said...

Good thing about the small yard...I only have one weed! How cool is that? I know right where it is and I am going to get it right now!

As for the hostas, I might take you up on that. I have a nice shady spot under the kitchen window that I'm planning on filling with hydrangea, hosta and ferns, as well as a couple of really cute tea cup bird feeders that I will make myself, once I find the darling little tea cups and buy the copper pipe.