Saturday, August 2, 2008

Am I Too Old For This?

I had such a fun time last night with my fellow Twilight Fans at Borders Bookstore in Portland at the Breaking Dawn release party. I arrived just after 10pm and found other fans engaged in a trivia contest and shortly afterward, a Jacob vs. Edward debate.

It became clear that most of the crowd had probably been dropped off by their parents, and we started to feel a little out of place when the screaming for Edward and Jacob rose to a fever pitch. Were we the only grown up fans there?

We took a walk over to a nearby restaurant and hung out chatting while a few of us had something to eat.

We made it back to Borders in plenty of time to line up to get our books, and by 12:30am we were ready to be happily on our way. I have to admit, I was yawning and a couple of the moms in our group considered going home early because they were getting up at 5am to run 11 miles.
With the book in my hands, I was pretty sure I was going right home to hit the sack. In the 10 minutes it took to get home, however, I thought that maybe just reading one chapter would not be so bad.

At 3am I finally stopped reading, only because I knew that I had to clean the garage out this morning, take the kids to a rock museum (actual stones, not Rolling Stones) and somehow be awake for the fancy garden party we were going to be attending later in the day.

I would have slept in a bit, but around 7:30 I woke to the non-soothing sounds of "rototiller." Who in their right mind would wake people up at 7:30 on a Saturday with the loud sound of a...

(...oh, the sound is coming from our back yard. Serenity Now!)


melziemom04 said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! I didn't go to any of the pre-release parties. I pre-ordered the book from Amazon and every time I have pre-ordered a book from them in the past, I have always gotten it ON the release date, but when I looked at my status last night it said it wasn't going to be shipped until the 6th?! My super nice husband stayed up until midnight and went and bought me a copy so I could start reading this morning....unfortunately, I haven't gotten anything else on my to do list done because I've been so busy reading!

Senia said...

Your experience sounds a lot like ours, except that at least you had a larger group of "old" people- power in numbers! Mary, Heather and I regretted that we didn't have earplugs and contemplated taking naps in the travel section. The three of us had very philosophical debates on Edward vs Jacob and whether or not Bella should become a vampire (DONT MAKE ANY COMMENTS- I HAVENT GOTTEN MY HANDS ON HEATHER'S COPY YET!) during dinner. Then we "continued" our debate at Borders. The children (I mean, fellow fans) had some good arguments to add- "Edward would feel good on a sunburn." "Jacob is hairy." "Edward is hotter."

Deep, eh?

Heather said...

I love those shirts--where did you get them, or did you have them made, as planned? I'd love to get one like it...

Afton said...

My friend Ashley (pictured in the back--she's the other tall one) has a friend who does custom t-shirts. I couldn't believe how fast the turn around was. We didn't have the final design in until after noon and had the shirts by 9pm (or earlier maybe.)

I'll see if she can get more.