Monday, March 17, 2008

Spare Change

So I'm cleaning up around the house and I've collected a nice pile of change. However, the change is mostly Korean (I think) with a smattering of assorted game tokens. I know where the Korean money came from, but these game tokens mostly have me confused.

Golfland is in Castro Valley, so I'm sure we picked up that token several years ago and it's been rattling around the house. But I've never heard of "Jungle Jims" or "Jeepers" and I don't expect that we will ever go there for whatever they have to offer. (Something with lots of coin slots I'm sure.)

I've admitted before that I throw pennies away. Not huge piles of pennies, but one, here and there from time to time. But now I have 13 coins that look impressive, but which I will never use. I really want to throw the whole pile right in the trash.

There is a part of me however, that feels there is something wrong with throwing money away. I guess it's the way that people always talk about throwing money away like it's such a bad thing. (Don't buy anything from the Dollar will just be throwing your money away.)

I have a few ideas for how to rid myself of these coins without throwing them away.

The first is to toss them into the back yard. Ethan just purchased a metal detector and would LOVE to search for coins out in the yard. It could keep him busy for maybe an hour. Better yet, I could go to the playground and bury the coins under the bark chips for more of a challenge.

However, I'm guessing these coins will eventually end up back in the house, on the floor, under the couch, in the kids piggy banks.

The other option is to bring the coins to my neighbor, from where I believe they originated. Then I can give her the option to do what she wants with them. Again, I picture that somehow the coins could end up back here eventually.

I'm just tired of picking money up off the floor. Money and pencils. It never seems to end. And the money isn't even anything I can use, so...that stinks.


I-Shuan said...

Sorry, but the Jungle Jim's coins came from us too. I guess I should be happy that my boys aren't trading money that is worth something!

Maybe they'll start trading those gold nuggets they got at school instead. Those HAVE to be worth more, right?

Afton said...

so, you noticed that I slipped the 3 game tokens in the handful of Korean money? Hee hee.

Betty Grace said...

Do you remember my "men are like spare change" theory? this puts a whole new spin on it.

I have a bunch of coins from Asia if you want to add to your collection. I just take them to the family party and let the kids take them, then my sisters can have your dilemma instead of me.