Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Boys Only

This may not be the most adorable kid picture I have, but it illustrates just what I love about our street. Also, since I just got done doing a presentation to Ethan's class on the artist Bev Doolittle, I can't help but see this picture as a suburban reflection of Bev's artwork. How many kids can you see camouflaged in the trees? OK, not all of them are "camouflaged." Some are just wearing camouflage.

Answer: There are 6 boys in the trees and only two of them are mine.

One of the things this picture doesn't show is the 3 boys in the garage trading Pokemon cards just a few feet away from the trees.

There are so many boys on our street and every sunny day after school, they all gather to climb trees, trade Pokemon cards, dig up bugs, launch baking soda rockets, throw balls at each other, re-enact star wars light saber fights, collect rocks and sticks and hit tennis balls against the garage door.

I think it's just great that there are so many good kids in our neighborhood for our boys to play with. More than that, however, I'm really, really glad that everyone is OUTSIDE!

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Angela Hunter said...

I wish I could send Calvin over there to play. We've got lots of young budding boys in our hood too but they don't come out to play much. Maybe in a few more years.