Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Disney Tip #7 - Take Great Photos

I would one day love to take a photography class and purchase a super fabulous, extra fancy SLR digital camera. Until that day, I must rely on my natural artistic talent and aging camera to capture the happy moments our family will cherish forever. (Unless a house fire or flood destroys all my albums and computer records.)

A flash of photographic inspiration came on our recent trip to Disneyland when I saw a Disney employee take a picture of a family. The Disney photographer, as you probably know, takes a picture, then you can stop by the photo booth on your way out of the park, or log onto the computer later when you get home and purchase prints of your professional Disney photo. Of course if you read Disney Tip #5, you know that Disney will charge you a pretty penny for these pictures.

When I noticed the Disney pro taking pictures, I realized I could set up the same shot and take my own professional looking picture. Ok, I know this has probably already occurred to 98% of you out there, but it seemed like a “Eureka” moment to me.

For the above picture, the tall people knelt down and the short ones stood. The photographer also knelt down so that she could capture both us and the whole Sleeping Beauty Castle in this shot. I never would have thought to set a shot up that way on my own, so copying the Disney pro was very helpful.


megan said...

Thanks for all of the good advice! I just wish we were closer to Disneyland to use it!!

Anna said...

Afton, I just love your blog. I even love the melting orange cremesicle. Except now I might go and buy some.