Friday, March 14, 2008

For My Book Group

Hey Ladies! A month ago we read and discussed Freakonomics and I shared that my favorite chapter had to do with why drug dealers still live with their mothers. I was fascinated by the account of the sociologist who lived for six years with a Chicago gang. Evidently he's written a book called "Gang Leader For a Day."

Interestingly the author, Sudhir Venkatesh, refers to himself as a "Rogue Sociologist." I wonder if he got that idea from his friend Steven Leavitt, the "Rogue Economist" who wrote Freakonomics and included Sudhir's account in his book?

Anyway, I happened upon this interview Sudhir did with Stephen Colbert and thought it was interesting and fun. He didn't mention anything about that college educated gang leader that eventually went to prison, so I'm guessing he's still there. (As you remember, I felt pretty bad about him.)

I watched this video twice to make sure it didn't have any offensive content and it's all good except the last 20 seconds has one crude remark that I didn't understand. So, there's your warning.

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Anonymous said...

so funny!!! thanks for making me laugh today-Jillyn