Monday, March 24, 2008


Do you know what stinks?

When you see a dish of brightly colored jelly beans sitting out on the counter for festive Easter snacking and choose a beautiful black jelly bean sitting amidst the greens and reds and pinks to grab and eat. Greens and reds and pinks are perfectly good jelly beans and purples too, but sometimes, you just want a black jelly bean.

So you grab the black jelly bean and pop it into your mouth, bite down, and wait for the licorice explosion. But here’s where it stinks…it’s not a black jelly bean at all, it’s grape; a dark, purple grape jelly bean.

Usually, there is nothing wrong with grape jelly beans. But if you are truly expecting a black jelly bean, then grape jelly beans suck.

After getting myself all worked up about eating a black jelly bean yesterday, I was sabotaged by a grape, not once, but twice. It was just too much. So today, when I saw a bag of all black jelly beans at Walgreens at 50% off, I decided to buy them and satisfy my need for a black jelly bean or two.

I didn’t even have to look as I plunged my hand into the bag again and again; it was a black one every single time. And when I say “every single time” I mean for about an hour while I tried to get into my latest book that I was about to return to the library, but which my mom promised me was just about to get better.

So, the book is getting better, but I’m quite done with black jelly beans. Or, as my sweet grandma A. sometimes calls them, “jack belly jeans.”

Most everyone has a black jelly bean opinion, so what's yours? Love 'em or hate 'em? Is there anyone that is honestly indifferent on this subject? Come on, be honest.

Here is what Jim Halpert has to say on the subject:


megan said...

I love the black jelly beans!! What does Jim Halpert know anyway? Although it will be nice to have him back with the rest of the Office cast in April!

Senia said...

Did you make that post just so you could share that clip? Come on, be honest.

And before you invited feedback, I was already planning my comment which went something like:

I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! As a fellow black bean lover, the grapes are a jelly bean nightmare.

Heidi Irene said...

Great post. Sorry to say, I am a hater of the black jelly bean..actually most jelly beans, execpt pear jelly bellys and starburt jellys, love all those flavors.

Afton said...

Senia, I actually had this post up for an hour or two before I remembered this mock PSA and tried to find it on you tube.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually going through a similiar experience with my giant tub of jellybelly's the easter bunny brought, only I'm having the grab a root beer jelly bean only for it to be mocha-yuck!

oh yeah-I love black jellybeans!

Betty Grace said...

Ha ha. I'm with Jim all the way. he should dump Pam and marry me.

I-Shuan said...

Great post! I think part of the confusion comes because many licorice/anise jelly beans aren't really black, they're actually a very dark blue (stretch them out and you can tell). Depending on the manufacturer, this dark blue can be very close to the dark purple. The obvious solution is to have grape-flavored jelly beans colored light purple. From a recently purchased bag, it looks like the Brach's company has figured this one out.

I-Shuan said...

That last comment was really Ryan posting as ME. I REALLY dislike the black jelly beans. They make the whole bag smell! Jelly bean manufacturers really should get their acts together though. It's bad enough to bite into a black one thinking it's a grape one, but how about the nice yellow lemon-looking banana imposters!? Yuck!

Mandy said...

Not a huge fan of Jelly beans...just bring on the Chocolate Bunny's :)

Afton said...

Actually, it seems that black jelly beans, along with blue also have a bit of green coloring added to them. Do not ask me how I know this.