Saturday, March 1, 2008

Disney Tip #5 - Free Ride Pics

When you go on those exciting rides at Disneyland, your picture will be snapped mid-ride (usually at your most unflattering moment) and you will have the opportunity to buy a print of your picture at a little booth near the ride exit. The pictures will cost a million dollars. OK, I'm exaggerating a bit: a million dollars is for the 8 x 10, it only costs half a million dollars for the 5 x 7.

Don't get suckered into spending way too much money on a picture of you freaking out on a Disneyland ride. Instead, take your digital camera or your camera phone and take a picture of the picture displayed on the monitor.

Admittedly, it will not look as good as the one you could buy for a million dollars but consider this: Once you walk through the Disneyland exit at the end of the day, you will wonder why you are wearing a mouse-ear hat with flashing lights in the ears. You will also wonder what you are doing with a light up Mickey Mouse spinning thing and a lanyard heavy with $180 worth of Disney pins. All of these things seemed like a really good idea when you laid down your hard earned cash for them, but now that you’ve left the magic of the park, they are really just reminders that you got suckered.

The same will be true of your overpriced thrill-ride photo. So just take a picture of the picture to remember the moment. When you get home, you can have it blown up and put in a garish frame if you are still under the impression that would be a good idea.

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