Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Disney Tip #8 - The Final Tip

I’m tired of doing Disney tips so this will be my final Disney Tip post. I’ll never get to the top of the Google search results list with “Disney Tips” because there are just too many “Disney Tips” sites out there already. (Yes, I do check every day to see if one more post gets me into the top ten search results. Kind of pathetic, but what can I say.)

Also, I’ve got a bunch of other things to blog about. The kids have been super cute the last few days and I have some funny stuff to say about them.

I’m not sure what to name this post or what tip to give. Mostly I thought the picture was cute but also a little telling of how we approached Disneyland. Certainly, we were not the only ones to carry sleeping kids out of Disneyland at 10pm, but I can tell you, the last few hours of this night, Jonah didn’t really get much out of his Disney experience except a nifty, overpriced souvenir, and he barely stayed awake for that.

Frankly, I’m surprised that Isaac was still awake and chipper at the time this photo was snapped, but he was sick the first two days so I guess needed to make up for lost time.

So, what’s my tip? Have fun at Disneyland. Play hard because you never know when you’ll be able to come back to the Happiest Place on Earth (unless you live in Southern California and have season passes.)

Disney Tips, Disney Tips, Disney Tips, Disney Tips, Disney Tips! (Take that Google!)


Anonymous said...
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Angela said...

It's true, you must play hard while at Disneyland. It's a wonderful place and even though I said I didn't want to go back for about 18 months, I could definitely see us taking a trip there sooner than that. I guess the exhaustion and craziness of the kids has escaped my memory by now.

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