Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wanted: Magnetic Pin Boards

I loved Megan’s idea inspired by an expensive Pottery Barn Kids product. Jonah’s current artwork display method is to scotch tape every scrap of paper he draws on or finds visually appealing (this would include junk mail) onto his bedroom wall. Until this point I endured the “scrappy” look because I couldn’t really think of any other way to display Jonah’s valuables that didn’t include purchasing 47 frames and mounting them on every available inch of wall space in his bedroom.

When I saw the project Megan did, I knew it was the perfect solution for Jonah’s room. Unfortunately, I can’t find the magnetic pin board she used in her project to save my life. I’ve even undertaken an exhaustive internet search. (Well, at least I found it to be exhausting.)

Not wanting to leave the craft store empty handed, I picked up the supplies for a project I’ve wanted to do for a long time. After all, if I ever find the magnetic pin board, I’m going to need a lot of magnets. I also thought this magnet craft would be great for the kids to do.

I did a few sample magnets to make sure I had the procedure down before I turned the kids onto it. It was not only easy, but a lot of fun. I’m not going to list out the instructions on this post, but you can find them here, or here. (Or here, if you didn’t trust the first two links.)

Unfortunately, Jonah ran off to his buddy’s house instead of doing this fun project with me and then Isaac spilled all the clear, flat marble things on the floor. (Most are still probably nestled among the nasties under my oven.)

I think I’ll get some Valentine scrapbook paper and have the kids make these for their classmates for Valentine’s Day. Or I’ll just make more for me. Yes, I think that is what I’ll do.


claire said...

Very cute. I also need some of those. Can I order them from you?

megan said...

I love these! I am working on some for the girls boards too. My sisters have not been able to find the board either. I can't figure out why my Joann's is the only one who has them. WEIRD! I check out the internet too and let you know what i find.

Stephanie said...

Hi Afton! Just peeking at your blog, I linked from Betsy's. My sons's 1st grade teacher made those magnets for all her students for Christmas. Using a little school picture for the image. Very cute!

Melodie Monberg said...

I found your site while searching how to make the same pinboards. I found the boards at Hobby Lobby. They are called "signboards" there. They were a bit more expensive ($15.00) but I used the 40% coupon available online. Good luck!