Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Hairy Post

I decided it was time to start coloring my hair, a task I will most likely repeat every 6-8 weeks for the rest of my life. How depressing is that? I guess I didn't have THAT much grey. Most people I complain to tell me I'm over-reacting and that I am hardly grey at all. Whatever! I figure if it's too much to pluck out, then it's too much.

So today I colored my hair for the very first time. Here is why I think I'm going to have it professionally colored next time.

1. Color Selection: So I'm in Fred Meyer in the "hair color" aisle and I think they need a mirror there because I could not see my hair enough to match colors. I tried pulling my short hair around to the box top with the little color sample on the top, but it just didn't reach. When Robert saw the color I'd chosen (Cinnamon Stick) he just laughed.

2. The Back of My Head: Newsflash, I can't see the back of my head. The instructions on the hair color indicate that time is of the essence when applying the color and that you need to move quickly. I didn't know what would happen if I took too long to apply the color, but I didn't want to find out at the expense of my hair. Meanwhile, I'm expected to apply the goop to the back of my head and not drip and make sure there is even coverage all at the same time. Not likely.

3. The Results: Well, it is kind of a little fun to have that red tint in my hair, but I'm getting a little melancholy about my old hair color. I feel like I've abandoned a child. Well, maybe not a child, maybe a beloved pet. Anyway, it doesn't look like I did a very consistent job with the goop application. Also, the grey at my temples didn't get covered that well anyway, and that was the whole point of coloring in the first place.

So, Corrin, if you are reading this, expect a call from me in the next few weeks to schedule an appointment for a real hair coloring.


J said...

I'm glad I read your post today, because I was "plucking" the grays this morning and had the thought of coloring my own hair. I think I'll call Corrin too!

Betty Grace said...

Yay! Welcome to life a red head. You'll love it. I do my own- because the only person I could find to do what I liked was $200!!! $10 grocery store color won out. I agree with your color selection comments but once you find one you like, it's no problem. Plus always fun to try something new. It's just hair- it grows, color fades (especially red). I have more tips for you. this is too long. I'll send you an email.