Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Timing

Yesterday was a scheduled Teacher Work Day so the kids did not have school. We were thrilled to wake up to a very thin blanket of snow and NOT have to take off an extra school day. You might be thinking that surely Portland area schools would not close for a scant inch of snow, but they do and they did. Our neighbors who attend St. Pius had the day off for snow even though all the stuff had melted by 10:30.

So there were plenty of kids to play with yesterday and the boys (not Isaac because he didn’t want to get cold…is he my kid or what?) built a snowman and even did a bit of sledding.

Today’s weather has been a bit eclectic. We’ve had snow, rain, dark clouds and clear skies. Forecast for this afternoon? My guess would be hail, a tornado and locusts.


Angela Hunter said...

We've had crazy weather here lately as well, although no snow. Based on what I've seen in the radar forecasts, we are getting our storms from the north so this stuff may be coming from you or just off the coast. We're supposed to have snow at 1500 ft, which is a big deal here. I just wish, maybe once that it would snow down to 180 ft where I'm at. I suppose I can do the 30 minute drive to the 1500 ft mark to play in the snow.

I hope it's not like this when we go to Disneyland. I have a friend there now and they closed the grapevine due to snow. The Santa Cruz mountains were also closed.

Betty Grace said...

Remember your Darth Vadar snowman last year?

Afton said...

How could I forget. The force was with us until it melted.