Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tuna Taste Test

I’m on the look out for inexpensive snack-type food we can bring to Disneyland so that we don’t have to pay outrageous prices for in-park food every day. (I’m looking forward to paying an outrageous amount of money to eat at the Blue Bayou for lunch one day, but that’s it!)

I was in Target yesterday and spotted these little tuna/cracker darlings. Don’t they look cute AND tasty? OK, I’m not a big fan of tuna what with all that mercury and everything, but these little snack packs don’t need to be refrigerated, come with 6 crackers, a spreading/scooping spoon type thing, and the delicious sounding tuna mix. To top it off, they are $1.25 each. For that price I think I can put up with a little poison in my tuna. Hey, if it doesn't kill ya...

I bought one of each variety and today at lunch we had a family taste test. I wanted to find out a) if the family would indeed eat tuna on crackers and b) which variety they liked best.

Here are the results:

Robert—Liked everything, thought the Spicy Thai Chili was probably a little too spicy, but that didn’t stop him from gobbling it all up.

Ethan—Turned his nose up BIG TIME at the idea of eating tuna on crackers, even though he begs for free samples of the same stuff at the Fred Meyer deli. He took a microscopic taste of the Spicy Thai Chili and the Sundried Tomato Basil, but ate an entire cracker topped with Lemon Pepper.

Jonah—Loved the Lemon Pepper, not so much the Sundried Tomato Basil and Spicy Thai Chili, although he was much more good natured about trying the tuna crackers than Ethan was.

Isaac—Didn’t want to commit to a big bite of any of the crackers until he tasted the Lemon Pepper. He ate it all and asked for a second cracker, which he promptly fumbled in his fingers sending all the Lemon Pepper tuna to the floor. Oops.

Afton—I liked all three varieties, but Lemon Pepper was a clear favorite.

So, I’ll head back to Target in the next few weeks to pick up 5 or so Lemon Pepper Tuna Medleys. Hopefully the kids will all remember how much they loved it when we are at Disneyland.


megan said...

I'd eat it for a trip to Disneyland! Wish we were coming!

Afton said...

I wish you were coming too!! It's not too late you know!

claire said...

Yay Disneyland! That sounds fun. I have been curious about those tuna packs. Maybe I'll try lemon pepper myself. It would be good for a 72 hr kit too.

Betty Grace said...

When are you going to the Happiest Place on earth? I can safely say I will never eat those- the summer working in the fish cannery cured me of any desire for processed meat. :)

Afton said...

Disneyland: President's Day week
Proscessed Fish: Yes, I remember your creed and thank you for leaving out the maggoty details.

Angela Hunter said...

These look like a great thing to bring along. I've had the lemon pepper, wich I'm not a huge fan of. I prefer the hickory smoked tuna. Andrew will love this! I will get them for him and the rest of us will eat PB&J.

Sounds like Ethan is super picky. Has he always been this way? What does he like?