Friday, January 25, 2008

A Star Wars Bath Time Adventure

Vanilla ice cream tastes great with chocolate syrup and chocolate syrup, once the vanilla ice cream is gone, must be licked from the bowl. After the licking, the little boys, and their chocolate covered faces head upstairs for a bath.

At first they are reluctant to get in the tub until one says, “Hey! We can have a Star Wars Bath Time Adventure!” Mom gives a puzzled look to Dad, but doesn’t complain much when she sees the two boys race upstairs to get in the tub.

Later, Mom learns that a Star Wars Bath Time Adventure means bringing all your Star Wars guys into the tub, filling it with water and bubbles, and then acting out different scenes with all the Star Wars guys.

In this picture, Isaac's guys act out the famous fight between Annakin Skywalker with the bionic hand and Annakin Skywalker with the two light sabers. I think this scene is from the 7th Star Wars Movie titled “Return of the Clone: A Bath Time Adventure.”


Catherine said...

That looks like fun.

We had a long period in our family where every toy was a bath toy, much to my chagrin. I'd find everything in there. T-rex was full of water most of the time. It's not quite so bad anymore.

Mandy said...

I'm a big fan of your blog, I am a friend of Megan's from chuch but do periodically check out her friends, you are a natural blogger!! Keep up the entertainment!!!