Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I woke up at 4 something this morning thinking about pedestal sinks. And tile and wainscoting and grey paint. And there might have been a sledge hammer in there somewhere too.

I've lived with this perfectly 90's-tastic lighthouse themed bathroom for seven years. I hated it from the get-go (there is a large wallpaper cutout of a window looking out onto a lighthouse on the other wall).

But bathroom change was low on the priority list when I had things to worry about like trips to the emergency room, getting blood stains out of carpet and cleaning up spilled wax, masticated popcorn, and folding every item of clothing in the house for the third time in a week.

But, things have mellowed out a bit. Our family has found this sort of rhythm that comes with age, maturity, and the fact that the kids are in school seven hours a day. It's a really good rhythm.

Oh! And I also saw this:

And I want, want, want it. Really bad.

And I think I could do it. Well, not the sink part. And not the toilet part. But definitely the painting part. I would have no problem purchasing the wainscoting and the moulding and the fixtures. (I already picked out the new light fixture from Home Depot yesterday).

I'm thinking the first step would be to turn off the water, or something, so that when I pull out the toilet and sink water doesn't flood the house. Does anyone know how to do that?


Kristi said...

You can do it!!!! Paul and I do home improvement all the time and toilet and sinks can be easy!!! Just turn the knob to shut off the water and then get your wrench out to disconnect the water lines and your set to start painting!!!

a said...

NO NO NO on the toilet! What are you thinking silly girl. You have boys! If you are going to replace the toilet and get a new one, then PLEASE remember to get one that is just a straight up sided cylindrical with NO, yes I said NO curves! Much easier to wipe a cloth on then these toilets with "foot" detail!!! Perhaps a lite yellow colored one? hahaha

a said...

ewwww I see a How To Be A Boy With A Missing Toilet post coming on....

Angela said...

I'm not sure why you would need to replace the toilet. It looks almost like the one in the photo. If you are taking out the toilet then you should definitely do the floors. When the toliet comes up it will be the nastiest thing you've ever seen underneath it. Trust me. I'd leave the toilet as is. As for the sink, Pedestal sinks are pretty but not functional. Since this serves as your guest bathroom I'd just redo the cabinets and not go with a pedestal. Really...where is one to store extra TP, cleaning supplies, and rest a hair dryer while getting ready for church? I say, repaint, do some moulding, change out fixtures and frame your mirror. And if you think you can do it, re-tile your floors but you might need some man help for that.

Afton said...

Okay, what's with the haters out there?
a) my toilet requires a plunger at virtually every flush containing more than a square of TP.
b) we have 4 days of visitors a year. you can hold your hairdryer between your knees for all I care.
c) the unused shower will be a lovely place to stash extra TP thankyouverymuch.
d) "a" they don't even make toilets like that.
e) it's perfectly functional for a bathroom that is only ever used for 1, 2 and handwashing. And since the space is so tiny, it would really open it up.
f) I'm going to take a picture of the underneath of my toilet just for you!!!

Natalie said...

Here's my two cents:
We have replaced toilets before and it IS truly a pain, but if your toilet is cream-colored, then by all means go for it. Toilets should be white; plus--you have a flush problem anyway.
I LOVE the look of a pedestal sink, so I say--rest the hairdryer on the back of the toilet or toilet lid even, get a toilet paper holder that matches the look of the bathroom, and store your cleaning supplies in a closet somewhere.
And speaking of cleaning, the boys should be cleaning the toilets themselves anyway. You may recall that I have a strict policy on the outside of toilets and bathroom floors: People who never miss the target should not be doing the cleaning. :)
Happy re-decorating!

Senia said...

I can attest to Afton's "a."

I-Shüan Warr said...

That is one beautiful bathroom. I think you should paint and do the wainscot first and see how much that changes it. That might make you happy enough to not have to discover what's under the toilet.

Chelsea said...

Small projects bring great satisfaction. It can be done and I love the pic you found, adorable bathroom. Though remember, it may seem like a "small" project it will not be as small as you think...ask my husband about our still unfinished floorboards, unpainted ceiling, fireplace doors, pillar on the front porch...wait, I am getting off topic here. It will be fun and look great, can' wait to see it finished!

Heather said...

Boy, talk about a hot topic! :) I think the new bathroom looks fun & airy. Can't wait to see all of this new stuff!