Sunday, November 13, 2011


I painted the walls of our little bathroom, then installed the new light fixture. Then I switched on the power and noticed what a sub-standard job I'd done painting. And it's two coats! How could I not have good coverage? I was careful, I was thorough. I've gone through two quarts of paint when I only planned for one.

Here's a picture of the bathroom with the light off so you can see how 21st century the light fixture looks. 

The next step is the floor. I am currently exploring the cost/time commitment of tile vs. linoleum. Hopefully I can get started on it tomorrow.

Then wainscoting, moulding, sink, toilet, mirror, new towels, black and white photos in coordinating frames and DONE!

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a said...

Do you have the floor picked out? I met a nice man at the mall that sells different flooring and they come to your house...