Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We Have Toilet!

Yesterday we bought a nice new toilet with the help of our plumber friend. It's a Kohler and is not eligible for the $75 refund from our water company. But it's pretty and it works! Although no one has tested it out yet because Robert wants to wait a day or so to see if there are leaks before sealing it. The boys are super excited to try it out though.

Robert started to instal our $30 sink, but found he would need different tool to get the bolts into the wall. But the pedestal is secured to the floor, and the plumbing is sort of in place, so we are moving right along.

But, things can't go too smoothly. This faucet is our small bump in the road. Remember the picture I showed of the small missing cap on the hot water handle? I got through to Pfister who was so helpful and tried to identify my faucet and finally said it was not a Price Pfister. 


So I sent the customer service rep the above picture which totally and completely confounded him. He says Price Pfister does not stamp their name on the back of faucets. So maybe we have a knock off?

The matter is being discussed with more seasoned Price Pfister employees and my customer service guy will get back to me.  

So! The plot thickens. 


Angela said...

Wow...sounds like a total faucet scandal you've got mixed up in!! The bathroom looks great! I can't wait to pee in it. (It, not the toilet)

rastha said...

great toilet is your plumber from Sydney Plumbers ?

Erika said...

Looking good Afton! I love what you have chosen to do. Quite interesting about the faucet...