Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thank You

Thank you to those who called or e-mailed to make sure I was doing OK. Apparently my not blogging for a few days is unusual enough that some of you worried I had spiraled down into a abysmal state.

I have not.

In fact, with the start of school I've been relishing my kid-free time. I've also been repeatedly walking by the bathrooms and marveling over the fact they are still sparkly clean and fresh smelling. (The happiness this brings could keep me going for months.)

I spent the last few weeks of summer vacay reading up a storm. Now that school has started, I'm cleaning up the house from the mess that was created while I read and blissfully ignored dumped out legos, unflushed toilets, and unfortunately, piles of wet towels.

Don't worry though. The blog updates will start shortly. Maybe even today.


a said...

"It's so wonderful to be loved by everyone" Do you remember that movie? Linda Pearlman was the star? I always love using that expression. But I am just teasing you. It is good to have you back. Oh ya, what does a sparkly clean toilet look and smell like? And what is "flush"? hahahaha

Erika said...

Life just wouldn't be the same anymore without posts from Afton, so keep them coming! Isn't life just wonderful once school starts again?