Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Soccer Mom?

Am I a Soccer Mom if only 1 out of my 3 kids is playing soccer?

Am I a Soccer Mom if I don't actually stay to watch soccer practice?

Am I a Soccer Mom if I don't go to games when it rains?

Am I a Soccer Mom if I don't bring a snack for my child to have after the game?

Am I a Soccer Mom if I look forward to the end of the season?

Am I a Soccer Mom if I drive this?

When conditions are just right, I am actually quite fond of soccer. The sun has to be shining, the game location can't be more than 10 minutes away, the soccer-playing-kid needs to be enjoying himself, my chair position on the field needs to be unobstructed, the game can't be longer than an hour, and it doesn't hurt if I have a few parent friends to chat with while watching the game. These were the very conditions for Isaac's first Kick and Chase soccer game.

He had a great time and loved playing with 2 of his favorite buddies. One of them even made an amazing header play off a corner kick. It went in the right direction and everything. (Way to go T!)

The second game (last weekend) was rainy. In Oregon, very little gets canceled because of rain. Sometimes things are canceled because of heat, and if we get a dusting of snow, heaven help us! But we do everything in the rain. I've sat through many rainy soccer games. I have a giant sports umbrella, rain pants and rubber boots. I've done my time in the rain. I just don't want to do it anymore.

Plus, it's much more fun to be in a warm cozy house reading a book while it's raining. Especially if everyone is gone to a soccer game!

Ethan is reffing Kick and Chase soccer this year. He gets $10 a game and is scheduled to ref Isaac's games this fall. He doesn't get to do it every week because there are so many kids who are signed up to ref. But he should get to do at least 5 games. He's saving to buy something big and exciting on Black Friday.

Only 6 more games until soccer season is over!!

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I-Shüan Warr said...

I love that your kids plan for Black Friday already!It's not even October yet!