Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In Which Looking at Pictures of Baked Goods Does Not Fix My Writer's Block

I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm thinking.

I'm supposed to be writing--fine tuning the first 25 pages of my work in progress to submit to a contest that I've been meaning to enter since January.

I'm also supposed to be writing because it's part of my 2 hours a day for the Game On! diet. I love the Game On! diet. Love it with the heat of ten thousand burning calories, I do.

Instead, I'm looking for google images of "writer's block" and trying to see if pictures of pumpkin cheesecake brownies will inspire me to figure out some dialogue that doesn't sound completely stupid. I'm also listening to my 12 year old hum Christmas Time is Here in his bed.
He makes it so easy for me to tell when he is feeling melancholy.

But I'm not getting actual words down on the page. There is no revision happening. It's just a lot of thinking. And being stuck. But I'm pretty sure this still counts, right? I can't be expected to type 80 words per minute for 2 straight hours. (Yes, as a matter of fact, I can type 80 words per minute). Part of the "2 hours of writing" has got to be thinking. I am working on it. I'm for sure going to get my 25 pages submitted by Friday. This Friday. I mean it.

Still, I'm stuck.

Because I don't want to scrap the whole scene and come up with something different. But I might have to. So I guess I'm kind of putting off the inevitable. However, it's still possible that my inaction will fix the problem. Isn't it?

I've got about 30 more minutes of my 2 hour writing block and I'm NOT going to spend it looking at recipes for Nanaimo bars. Because that would really not be using my time wisely and, did I mention I love the Game On! diet?

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Emily Laing said...

Free Write! That is what my college professor swears too. Just ignore the screen and type away. At least your getting your 2 hours in and believe me, losing points sucks! I lost 40 this week and it was my own fault.