Friday, September 24, 2010

Things I Learned Today

1. Newsies is going to be a musical. Wait. I thought it already was a musical. The best musical ever. I guess they are making it a Broadway musical. Cool. But it won't be the same with out Christain Bale and super cute David Moscow. Sorry, but it won't. (College roommates, how much do you suppose we spent at the dollar theater seeing this movie?)

2. Sesame Street is just starting it's 41st season. I do not see how this could possibly be true because Sesame Street's first season was the year I was born, and I'm not...oh. Yes, I am. Here's my all time favorite clip from Sesame Street. I wanted that doll house, but especially the 2 little spoons.

3. You may know that a group of crows is a murder and a group of penguins is a parcel, but what about a group of trolls or mummies? Fear not! Geekologie has posted a list of supernatural collective nouns. And it's disturbingly thorough. Now I know that it's a malevolence of trolls and a liberty of mummies. Also super good to know: a group of Jedi is a jake. But why do they list the Yeti in the Wildlife Class, but Bigfoot in the Monster Class? Furthermore, why do we need to know that the collective noun for a group of Bigfeet is a ruminance. Sorry, there's only one Bigfoot. No need for a collective noun OR a plural designation. (Even if there were more than one Bigfoot, everyone knows they are solitary, shy creatures and would never go around as a group.)

4. Morning naps are fabulous. I see no need to elaborate.

5. The book Where's Waldo is a banned book. It's banned books week and our library has a poster with lots of pictures of banned books. I know about Harry Potter and Catcher in the Rye and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn being banned books. But Where's Waldo? The link I included earlier explains it, but this list from Amazon has even more banned kids books and the reasons why. Some I can understand, but banning the dictionary because it contains objectionable words like bed, knockers and balls? Some people have too much time on their hands. However, I totally agree with the crazies for banning The Giving Tree, just not for the reasons they state.

6. After 7 seasons, The Office has still got it!


Melissa said...

One... I adore the office!

Two...HOW can where's waldo be banned? People are crazy thats the only explanation possible. Wow.

Natalie said...

Ahhhh. Newsies. That brings back fond and funny memories.

A murder of crows--don't you love that?