Friday, August 27, 2010

Braggity, Brag, Brag

Look at my boy! After one week of fencing camp he looks like quite the fencer. Today was the end of camp tournament and to my surprise, and Ethan's too, he won all his matches and advanced to the final round. His opponent had all her own equipment and Ethan said she'd taken lessons and gone to competitions before.

Fencing has been called physical chess because you use strategy as well as physical agility to beat your opponent. Ethan is wearing an electronic coat and mask which beeps if he gets hit.


Samurai Mom said...

WOW! Great job Ethan!

Erika said...

How cool is that! You have every reason to be proud. My sister has her kids in fencing--they love it. I think it's a totally worthwhile activity.

Allyson said...

Congrats Ethan! That looks like so much fun! I wonder if his love of star wars had anything to do with his success wielding a sword?

a said...

You can protect me anytime Ethan! But I think I will stand to your left as that looks like the safest side! You are amazing!

a said...

I just LOVE your title for this one! It cracks me up every single time! And you know I check daily for your updates!!!