Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Snips, Snails, Puppy Dog Tails, and Really Dirty Socks

Back in July of this year, Ethan participated in a Pioneer Trek with other 12-18 year old youth from our church. The experience is meant to give kids a greater appreciation for the sacrifices our pioneer ancestors made crossing the plains to get to the Salt Lake Valley, but also to give them a sense of accomplishment. There were all kinds of challenges the kids overcame to complete their approximately 20 mile trek. Along with the physical challenge, many kids were stretched emotionally and spiritually.

The only emotion Ethan found being stretched was his strong desire to never, ever do a Pioneer Trek again. Although he ultimately had a good time (and I know this because he was very excited to attend a family reunion with his trek family last month), the journey was physically very difficult for him. Emotionally and spiritually he has a bit of maturing to do, so any big life lessons in those areas pretty much went over his head.

Still, I thought this was a fabulous picture. There was an official Trek photographer who took over 7000 pictures over the 4 day experience and then put together a wonderful slide show for a youth fireside last Sunday. This was one of the pictures in the slide show, and it got a big laugh from the 200+ kids and their parents in attendance.

It is interesting to note, that Ethan's supply bucket where he kept all his stuff during Trek, has not been unpacked since July due to a misunderstanding about when and where to pick it up. We actually just retrieved the 5 gallon bucket after the fireside on Sunday. It's currently in the back of the car. The thought that these socks are somewhere in that bucket makes me want to dump the whole thing without even opening it.

At the very least, I think Ethan should be the one to open and unpack the bucket. But these socks will NOT see the inside of my nice washing machine.

Garbage day is tomorrow.


shiguy4076 said...

His facial expression is PRICELESS!! eeewww about the socks, I wouldn't put those in my washer either. gross

Afton said...

Glad you checked the blog! The bad habit is quitting facebook, but the good habit is writing for 2 hours a day, so this blog might see a bit more action.

Erika said...

LOL! That is one cool picture. Ya, I can just imagine the smell when opening that sealed bucket! So you are actually quitting Facebook? Yay if you are! I found it such a waste of time for me and much prefer blogs. I'd love to read some more of your writing. What ever became of the story you posted about the guy and the girl on the bus?--can't remember their names but your little intro has totally stuck with me.

a said...

FRAME THE SOCKS!! Put them on his wall as a GREAT reminder of how very much he can do when he puts his mind to it!!

Angela!! said...

I do read your blog! you've just been MIA for too darn long! He was gone for 4 days on this trek? Sounds awesome! We always tried to do one of these in my ward but it never panned out.