Friday, October 23, 2009

I've Been Sew Busy

After getting inspired at Fabric Depot on Monday, and with a little help from my mom, this is what I did on Tuesday. I call it, the Margaret MEGAN Sling Bag. this one has the cross body strap design.

I was so excited to find this really cute flower button to add to it.

On Wednesday I completed the Margaret ALLYSON Sling Bag with the shorter shoulder strap.
Personally, I think this button was just made for the bag.

Finally, on Thursday, I completed the Margaret ANGELA Sling bag, again, with the shorter shoulder strap and funky button.

The pattern and instructions for the Margaret Sling Bag can be found here, or by googling "margaret sling bag." The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. There are pictures for every step.

I have so enjoyed my own Margaret Sling Bag and get compliments on it all the time. I hope Megan, Allyson and Angela also enjoy their bags. It's a fun and functional bag that might just get you a loads of compliments too.


Erika said...

How cute are those! You've been a busy bee. The buttons are SO CUTE! How nice of you to make them for your sisters.

megan said...

I love it already!

Senia said...

Don't you have a long lost sister named Senia?? (Afton...Senia- what can I say, our parents liked unique names!)

Chelsea said...

Yes, I was just thinking a Megan Chelsea sling had a lovely ring to it!! :)

Angela!! said...

I LOVE it! Afton you rock!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Allyson said...

I am already starting to feel hip and cool just looking at my new bag! Thanks so much, you are the BEST! I love it and the button is adorable! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into making these awesome bags. Mine will accompany me on many deal finding adventures.