Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Class for a Day

You know what's great about flying first class?


I can only assume that my first class seat at economy class price happened because of my last minute flight booking. Other than the little nagging suspicion that I'll one day find a bill in the mail for a $40 hot towel and a $23 cup of creamy mushroom soup, I think I actually got something for nothing.

Well, not exactly nothing. The economy flight was pricey for my budget, but I know first class would have been a lot more.

After I boarded early and was served a drink by the flight attendant, I found it hard to look at the schmucks making their way back to coach. On the one hand I felt guilty for abandoning my true caste. On the other hand, I felt this new, higher caste demanded I not acknowledge the minions.

I sat back in my extra wide, fake leather chair, extended my legs and started watching the free TV and movie service that cost a whole $6 on the other side of the curtain. After a while, the flight attendant came by to describe the evening meal: a creamy mushroom soup, garden salad and cheesy chicken sandwich in pita bread. Later, after a refreshing hot towel the meal was served. I noticed the real metal flatware and the individual salt and pepper shakers. The food was divine!

First class has it's very own bathroom. The commoners on the other side of the curtain are not allowed to use it. This means no lines, no waiting and, in the words of Jerry Seinfeld, it smells like and English Garden.

Because first class is at the front of the plane, first class passengers are also the first to disembark the plane. The jet way pulls up to the plane and seconds later we are on our way.

Can I ever go back to coach?

I don't really have a choice, unfortunately. The good news is that I fly so infrequently that I'm sure by my next flight, I will have forgotten all the fabulous perks of flying first class.

(First class, I will never forget you!)


Senia said...

Sounds amazing! :-) I think the closest I've ever gotten to first class is flying British Air to London. They served little mousse cups with chocolate shells -- ooh la la!

Afton said...

Ooh! Senia, if they had that in economy, can you imagine what they had in first class? Creme brulee? hot fudge sundaes with the fuge on the bottom so you can control your fudge distribution? A dessert buffet?

Gwen said...

Ha! When I was coming home from India I flew business class. Through some traveler's insurance or something my coach flight home was upgraded. Because I was sick, the people at the airport drove me in a wheelchair to my gate in the Delhi airport. And then I dined on Shrimp Scampi while flying over Greenland! I tried hard to enjoy it knowing I'll never travel in such luxury ever again. I'm glad you had a nice experience!

Debbie said...

I got to fly Business class once on an international flight to New Zealand. It was AMAZING! Hot rolls, assorted cheese platter, fresh cookies, haggen daz ice cream, steak.and shrimp cocktail...on demand tv and movies that you could pause... PLus the seats fully reclined and were completely adjustable. Their were more buttons for the chair than a playstation remote. Oh yeah...and we were UPSTAIRS! The plane had stairs and we were in the upper deck. It was amazing! I slept an uninterupted 8 hrs. Then we hit the ground running in New Zealand with almost no jet lag. (It was even better because we payed coach prices so we were looking around at everyone who spent $10,000+ thinking SUCKERS!)

We got upgraded once to first class on a domestic flight too, but it wasn't as impressive as that long international flight...