Friday, October 16, 2009

The Top Drawer

I thought it would be fun to share the story of my High School senior picture photo shoot. It's a great story involving a sunburn, a small car accident a lot of drama, and one sweet perm. Telling the story, however, would require a visual (i.e. my senior picture.)

I sifted through the top drawer of my nightstand in search of my senior picture because this is where I keep all my random things that I don't really know what else to do with.

I didn't find my senior picture, but I did find lots of other things.

5 coupons for Aveeno Active Naturals products, expired on 12/31/08

2 hairbands

4 non-working watches

1 domino

2 AAA batteries

1 nail file

1 book light, batteries dead

1 cherry ring pop, still in packaging

1 day-glo orange sticky notepad

1 Mickey Mouse disposable camera, still in plastic in hopes that one day it will be a valuable collectible.

1 one dollar silver certificate

1 Chuck E. Cheese token

Pages 47 - 50 of the Book of Mormon

1 Starlight mint

1 Mother's Day Sacrament Meeting talk (excellent!)

3 pieces of Bazooka gum

Student ID from Brigham Young University

Cassette Tape with a 24th Birthday Greeting from Thomas S. Monson impersonator

deck of 52 playing cards, purchased in Victoria, BC

10, 3-day Disney park hopper passes that I meant to add to the kid's scrapbooks.

2 Space Mountain Fast Passes for 12:50 - 1:50pm on February 20, 2008

Student ID from Canyon Middle School

File folder containing paperwork I brought home from the hospital after Isaac was born.

2 pages of family practice providers associated with Providence Medical group in the Portland-Metro area.

Stack of random pictures covering a 30 year period, including one of me as a Brownie during some confusing initiation ritual that I never quite understood.

2 thumb drives

1 child health and development record, not filled out

1 child's immunization record, not filled out

1 ticket stub from Stephenie Meyer's "The Host" book signing at the Baghdad Theater in Portland

1 Alaska driver's license

1 Utah driver's license

1 Autopia driver's license

2 Christmas booklets with the talk "In Search of the Christmas Spirit" by Thomas S. Monson that I was supposed to deliver to women in my ward

My patriarchal blessing recommend

A photo copy of a newspaper article from sometime in the 60's featuring one "Bobby" and his favorite Christmas present ever.

Large stack of cards, home made and bought, from Robert, the kids and Grandma. Including one from Betsy with original puffin artwork.

A note from Robert:
17 March
Our sliding glass door was totally unlocked last night.
p.s. I think we can live without milk or only buy a quart

1 hair clip

27 pens, pencils and markers

1 leather palm pilot cover (no palm pilot)

2 laminated inspirational quotes that used to be in my scriptures

2 pennies (one is plastic)


Erika said...

Oh my goodness, that's quite the collection! I too have my nightstand drawer full of miscellaneous stuff but I think you have me beat by a long shot!! Love the pictures by the way.

Samurai Mom said...

great post! i still want to see that picture though.

Anonymous said...

Man, that is a big drawer! I can't believe you've kept all that stuff. I wish I had my AK drivers license. I'm a pretty good artist. :) Who ever decided Brownies should wear potato sacks!

cynthia greenhalgh said...

I've got your picture in my yearbook but it's black and white. No sunburn. Still, very cute. Why did we have to wear all those feathers?

Anna said...

I think I have your senior photo at my house. Very nice!!

Afton said...

The feathers! I know...what was up with that?

Shannah said...

ROFL!!! I love Roberts note,... and the Canyon ID card!!! WOW!!! Yeah, you're as bad as I am w/ drawers. We have the old junk drawer in the kitchen and well, my nightstand drawer?? I'm not sure I can even open it LOL

Marah said...

What did you do with the rest of your BoM?

beadiemom said...

I can tell you about the Brownie Investiture Ceremony if you really want to know. :) Brownie leaders are still doing it to this day. Maybe it's more fun just to wonder, though. LOL

Debbie said...

What a great collection of things from your life! I loved this post.

I too thought Robert's note was hilarious. Please explain what is up with the milk comment?