Thursday, October 22, 2009

Under Construction

Scraps from my current project

Monday I drove out to Fabric Depot with my mom. It was my first ever visit to this fabric nirvana and certainly won't be my last. The only way I could have been more inspired is if the fabrics were organized by color instead of brand. Still, it was absolutely amazing in a dangerous way that could possibly spur a personal and expensive sewing renaissance.

I will only admit this because I know my coupon-deal getting czar sister, Allyson, does not read my blog: If I had spent 3 minutes checking around on-line I probably would have been able to find a coupon and avoid the minor panic attack I had checking out with my 5 yards of fabric and 3 funky buttons.

But the real serious hyper-ventilating came when I failed to use my JoAnn's coupon because of a little thing I like to call "complete coupon incompetence" and ended up paying full price for 9 yards of fuseable interfacing, 5 yards of solid fabric and 2 spools of thread.

That's OK though (breathe, breathe) because it will all be worth it when I showcase the darling things I am making with my full-price fabric.

I can't wait to go back to Fabric Depot, but next time, I promise I'll use a coupon.


Emily Laing said...

I'm salivating....gorgeous fabric...can't get enough of fabric...sigh.

Samurai Mom said...

I am so happy you went to Fabric depot, isn't it marvelous? The first time I went i cried tears of joy. I think they SHOULD organize fabric by color there.

Allyson said...

Ok, for the record I DO read your blog and shame on you for not using coupons!! Just kidding, you got some beautiful fabric and probably had a ton of fun with mom. Don't beat yourself up too much, I'm sure you'll be better prepared next time.

Marah said...

I hope you didn't have any children with you, because that will dampen the experience. And I am anxious to see what you will do with it! Will you possibly....stop reading?!?

Afton said...

Nope, no kids went with me to FD. They can barely stand 5 minutes in JoAnn's, and that includes the time spent standing in line in front of the huge candy selection.

I'm not going to stop reading, so don't worry. And I just finished the project this morning and will be posting pictures soon. Maybe tomorrow.

Erika said...

Looks like really cute prints of fabric! I'm excited to see the results.