Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mouse Politics

Earlier this week, we finally put two and two together and realized there was a mouse in our 1994 Honda Accord. (Two and two turned out to be a nest of shredded pink insulation in the trunk and what sounded like chewed up bits of plastic rattling around every time we turned on the fan. Somehow the mouse poop covering every seat eluded us.)

Robert got to work cleaning out the car and setting traps. We were both shocked to see what this clearly left-wing, liberal mouse did to President Regan in the April 2009 issue of Time Magazine.

Poor Ronnie!

But then I turned the magazine over and realized the mouse was more of an equal opportunity president shredder. Independent maybe?

Of course all of this begs the question: Why do I feel the need to put this mouse in a political box? Can't we all be brothers?

In this case, no, we can't. And it's not really a box I want to put him in, as much as a spring loaded, peanut butter filled, life ending death trap.

Sorry Peta.


Erika said...

I can't believe what it did to the magazine! Wow. You get him! I have no tolerance for mice. We heard one scratching or nibbling on something in our bedroom wall this morning!! I'm so glad it wasn't actually in the house after our whole fiasco a couple weeks ago, but still, it makes me crazy thinking they're living under our house and in our walls! Yuck!! Time to get more D-Con and traps!

Samurai Mom said...

We had a mouse in our van once. It took almost a year to get all of the poop out and even longer for me to get over the ick factor. I had forgotten about it until your post reminded me. Gross - I have to sit in that van now. I think I might have to blog about it now.

Marah said...

In my car, I wouldn't have noticed the mouse poop--mine is a kid car! Good luck with your traps.

Angela!! said...

Afton, this is totally disgusting. How on earth did a mouse living in your car go unnoticed for so long?? I once had ground squirrels in my miata. It was only a few days they were in there but they shoved tons of nesting stuff all up in the engine compartments. $600 later, my engine was free and clear of nests, and the damage was repaired. I sure hope there's not baby mice or nests in your engine.