Thursday, March 26, 2009

Customer Service

I don't mind so much when I waste my time, but when someone else wastes it...well...that's another story.

Such was my experience today at JoAnn Crafts. You'd think that on a Thursday at 3pm things at the fabric cutting counter would be fairly idle. You'd be wrong. They were very busy.

But, I've learned a trick.

When it looks like there's a crowd at the cutting counter, get your number first and your fabric second. And, since they announce what number they are on over the PA system, feel free to wander the store until your number is called.

I did all these things. Then I looked through pattern books, searched the mislabeled drawers for patterns that might or might not be there, went back to the fabric, checked out all the discounted fabric and still was no where close to getting my fabric cut.

I stood at the counter with the other 20 ladies (and one guy) who looked like they were about to pass out from a dangerous combination of irritation and boredom. Me? I began to feel an affinity to raging lunatics.

Here are a few things I would have calmly told the JoAnn's manager had I not suspected she was one of the cutting counter slow pokes.

1. Chatting with the customer is nice. Stopping your work, leaning into the counter and sharing a 4 minute story about how your son wore Carharts to his senior prom: not nice. Really, if you can't cut and talk, then cut out the talking.

2. Please don't take 3 minutes to argue with one another about how to operate the long bolt measuring machine (or whatever it's called.) Especially when the procedure has already been completed and more customers are standing in front of you waiting to be helped.

3. What's up with taking a break when 10 people are still waiting to be helped? No! Help first, break later.

4. I'm sure the lady that stepped in front of all of us with "one quick question" had no issues with your customer service skills, especially when, after answering her question, you left the cutting counter to walk her over to the item she was looking for. Did you stop for lunch on your way, because it took you long enough!

5. Please consider an express lane so people with one or two bolts to be cut can get their fabric and be on their way and not have to wait for people with 17 bolts of fabric and an unclear idea of how much they want of each.

6. No fair, no fair, no fair not using the PA system to announce which number is up. Especially when the number announcement is little more than a whisper. Puh-leeze!


Samurai Mom said...

I hear ya - Joann is going downhill fast.

Erika said...

How annoying!!!! Anyway, I see you're reading Silent on the Moor!!! I'm so excited for you. Enjoy every delicious, yet frustrating moment with ours truly, Mr. Brisbane. He'll make your bad experience at Joann's today disappear. Ü

Afton said...

That Brisbane is driving me insane!

Debbie said...

That being said...Joanns with bad customer service is better than NO JOAnns!! :P

Tara said...

I can't say I've ever gotten along with Joann's. I always thought it was worth the drive clear across town to go to Fabric Depot. Of course, this meant being organized and pre-planning and trying to take only quarterly trips. Ok, so sometimes I had to "run" to Joanns... and it never turned out to be a "run" for all the reasons you outline. The Joanns here in Draper is a bit better than my experience with the Tanasbourne or Walker Road ones near you.