Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello Spare Tire

Yesterday I was completely out of sorts. I discovered a big roll of flab right around my waist that wasn't there the day before. I swear it wasn't. The flab roll was an annoying presence every time I sat down or bent over or went up the stairs.

I was so discouraged, yet still managed to purchase a giant container of butter toffee covered popcorn with almonds and cashews from Target. I became even more discouraged when I noticed just before dinner that I'd snacked away two-thirds of the entire container.

Right before bed I had a very significant and happy realization.

It had been laundry day. Everything was dirty. I was wearing paint stained sweats and an old t-shirt. Even my, how shall I say it, "unmentionables" were from a dark corner of the drawer that rarely sees daylight. It suddenly occurred to me that my underwear was a smaller size than I normally wore. It wasn't me that had grown, it was underwear that was too small.

Wooo hooooo!

Of course I soon admitted to myself that I'd fit quite comfortably into that stuff just 2 years ago, but still, a flab roll appearing over 2 years time is much less disturbing than a flab roll that appears over night.

Today the laundry is done, and I've got the right size. Happy day!


Angela and Kevin Taylor said...

Thank goodness! Those stupid "unmentionables" are so two years ago! Who needs them anyway?

Debbie said...

So funny! It's so comforting to eat a treat when you're upset, why should that be different just because the thing you're upset about it is extra flab? ;)

Glad to hear you'll be your trim self tommorow again!

Erika and Ryan said...

This was so funny. I was telling my husband about it yesterday when we were getting dressed. See, I'm behind on laundry too and the kids keep coming to me saying they have no socks. The whites are still sitting in the dryer, so I told them to go search in there for some. Maybe I'll get around to folding them today. Whites are my least favorite to fold, or I should say socks are my least favorite. All that matching is a hassle, wouldn't you agree?

Tara said...

You make me smile!