Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Scribblings: Aging

This is one week when I hope my parents don't read my blog.

I come from a family whose elderly talk about poop. Of course they don’t call it poop; they use more polite terms like “bowel movement” or BM for short.

Most of us in the younger generations are baffled by this disturbing discussion topic that pops up way too often. I’m fairly certain even grandma’s physician would cry, “TMI!” at the amount of detail she provides in her toilet tales.

“If I ever give that much info on my bathroom habits, just shoot me” my dad said once after listening to grandma detail her latest struggle with constipation.

Several years later I called my dad to see how he was feeling after a recent surgery.

He was doing pretty good, he said, but had some problems with his BM’s.


He told me things a daughter should never, ever have to know about her dad. My pleas of “Stop! Please!” went unheeded, maybe because he was still slightly woozy from the drugs, or possibly because he thought I was merely sympathizing with what had been for him, a very difficult ordeal.

It took 3 hours of mindless TV and a nice little chick lit bestseller to help me forget some of the images conjured up during that phone conversation.

Even more disturbing than the conversation, however, is the realization that I too will most likely be a poop talker when I am elderly.

Because apparently, it’s in my genes.

And this is what bothers me about the prospect of growing old.


SmallWorld at Home said...

LOVE this!! Hilarious! My best friend in college actually photographed her poop once because she was so happy it finally came out!

Jeanne said...

Some how, in some way, my family ALWAYS ends up talking about poop too!

I understand your pain.

And it has gotten worse as we've gotten older. I fear there is no escape.

Samurai Mom said...

I listened in on the post surgery report form my Father in law. I had forgotten until now...

I think the only poop that should be talked about is poop for maure and baby poop because it smells like popcorn.

ChefDruck said...

We're just sandwiched between the potty training poop talk and the elderly poop talk! This was such a funny post. I loved it!

2cats said...

I think all families have some little strange topic of conversation. In mine is is not poop but the other. I had an aunt who always had to tell us when she had to urinate. And she used that word.

A Girl Named Me said...

oh dear, oh my

so fun to read on a monday morning!


Erika said...

All this poop talk is kind of funny! The word comes up on a daily basis here in the Adams household, and it usually tends to come up at the dinner table. Why is that?

Fledgling Poet said...

LOL! This made me sounds like your family also has a wonderful sense of humor! :~)

Debbie said...

Greg also enjoys this topic of conversations. I try to gently tell him, "only boys like to talk about poo", or sometimes I say, "girls don't really think poo talk is humorous!" He just doesn't get it! He keeps talking thinking once I hear the next part I'll die laughing and it will all be ok!"

Maybe it's because he is good at telling stories, and I laugh at all the ones except for the poo related ones, but seriously, they aren't funny to me!!! It's not going to change!