Friday, July 8, 2011

Things that Squik Me Out

I finished reading Deanna Raybourn's 5th installment of the Lady Julia Grey Mystery series and entered the general malaise that follows finishing a delightfully engaging book--where I feel like I've just said goodbye to my good friends and won't see them for a long time.

To ease my malaise I went to Deanna Raybourn's blog to see if it was as clever as I'd remembered. It was.

Finally, I saw her post about things that "squick" her out. Squick. I'd never heard that word before, but knew exactly what it meant. I'd been thinking about doing a "bandwagons I won't be getting on" post, but will follow Ms. Raybourn's lead and list a few things that squick me out.

1. Cat food commercials--the ones with the wet, fancy cat food that they serve on people plates with a garnish.

2. Latex balloons. The smell, the feel, the sound. Just, yuck.

3. Bird feathers. I feel like they're riddled with disease. Even if they're not. My boys bring lots into the house thanks to our next door neighbor, the waterfowl hunter.

4. Jeggings.

5. Crazy crooked teeth--the kind that makes you wonder how people eat. Except if it's my crooked tooth, which I'm hoping to use to scare small children when I get old and cranky.

That's a pretty sad little list. Or maybe I just have a strong constitution? Cleaning up after boys for thirteen years must have steeled me to many disgusting things.

Now it's your turn. What squicks you out? Leave me a comment.


Senia said...

-When people "save" their gum on their plate, napkin, or BEHIND THEIR EAR. ... I think I just threw up a little bit.

Afton said...

Senia! You're fast. I'm still editing.

Senia said...

Two Possible Theories:

1) I am in a time machine that brings me 2 hours ahead of the game into Central Time.

2) My timing was impecable!

Jae said...

People who cough without covering their mouth.

Skin tabs. My own included.

Any surface in a public restroom. I wanna hug whoever invented motion-sensor faucets and towel dispensers!

Natalie said...

Ear gages. Shopping carts with sticky or wet handles. Grown-up women dressed like little dolls with ruffles and bows, etc. You should link "jeggings" to your post specifically about them--that was a gem.

Chelsea said...

When people clean their ears with their keys or other unnatural objects. Listening to people chew. Airplane pillows. The spot behind some toilets (not mine of course) that doesn't get cleaned regularly (the one with the almost pinkish hue). My list could get long quick...

I-Shüan Warr said...

I really think bats are creepy, with their little human-like bodies. I'm getting chills thinking about it.

Kids with food stuck all over their faces. (That would be one of MY kids most of the time.)


Heather said...

Senia--Hannah does that all the time, as you probably know. (Although never behind the ear...)
I think things that squik me out are forks scratching on plates & accidentally chewing on aluminum foil or sand. (You may wonder how a person would chew on aluminum foil, but just imagine a little piece getting stuck to sticky candy or food, and....eeek!)