Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Thing Is So Over

This summer I've been enthusiastically participating in my library's adult summer reading program (why let the kids have all the fun and win all the prizes). So far I've won two weekly drawings (I get entered with every book review I turn in) and now am the proud owner of a tote bag, a t-shirt and a $20 gift certificate to Chen's Dynasty Chinese restaurant. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for one of the big prizes at the end of the summer, like the Kindle or Powell's gift card.

So I haven't blogged much. But now I have some stuff to say. Sorry if I offend anyone. Feel free to argue with me in the comments if you feel so inclined.

That thing where you make a heart with your hands is so over. It was cute at one time but now it's just old. Just stop taking pictures of yourself doing it, please. 

Also, I'm already getting tired of the feather hair trend. I don't think it's totally over, but get yours quick because the trend will probably be over before that poor rooster tail falls out of your hair. 

And maxi dresses! Do you get the feeling we will all be looking at pictures of ourselves wearing these things in like 5 years and cringe, wondering what we were thinking? 

And Kim Kardashian. Does anyone know how much longer before her 15 minutes are up? I read the other day that she became famous for (and I quote) "being friends with Paris Hilton and having a sex tape scandal." Why are people paying attention to her?

Bacon is so over. It's delicious, but over. The bacon scented candles and aftershave and lip balm and tendency to talk about bacon like it's a drug . . . over, over, over. (My guess is peanut butter and jelly will be the next big food trend.)

I would love to hear what you think is over. Or you can just tell me how wrong I am. Just don't send me a picture of yourself making that little heart and thing with your hands. Please.

And here's a clip from Portlandia about stuff that is over.


Gwen said... is something that is SO over! Lately when I have been clicking through people's family pictures on facebook, inevitably there is a shot of the two parents making out in the background and their kids sitting on the lawn in front of them staring at the camera, apparently oblivious to the scene going on behind them. OVER!

And I second and third and fourth the Kim Kardashian comment. She is way over.

Afton said...

good call Gwen!

Debbie said...

Um...the heart thing is MINOR compared to all the cutie gestures Asian girls and women make. I was so surprised at first... Although it's so over the top you would probably just laugh!

Kimberley Oliver said...

Ha ha ha ha! I loved the video clip! I don't mind the heart thing but I agree with the bacon thing. I love bacon and all but in a candle? Also, I agree with you totally about the Kardashian thing too. I wish the skinny jeans were over...only because I can't wear them. LOL