Saturday, July 30, 2011

How to Be a boy: Keeping it Interesting

Robert took the boys camping last night. I took the opportunity to reclaim my house and do a little cleaning while they were gone. When I say "a little" what I mean is that I've been cleaning almost non-stop since they left. I only stopped to have a lovely, lovely dinner and general good time with my dear friend. But then I was right back to it. 

The boys will be home in 30 minutes, and so, as I walked past Ethan's room I paused to admire the results of my hard work. The order, the cleanliness, the peace--it was wonderful. 

But wait! What's that?

I'd missed a sock. One sock.

And so my advice to you mothers who are obsessive compulsive enough to clean your teenager's room is this: After you've looked on the floor, under the bed, behind the dresser, and even in the drawers for balled-up, dirty clothes, don't forget to also look UP. Because boys will find all sorts of places to throw their dirty clothes.

As long as it's not in the actual laundry hamper.

That's how they keep it interesting.


Chelsea said...

Love this post...Levi's room is a perpetual storm of balled up socks. Drives me CRAZY. One big empty white laundry basket sits literally within arms reach (our bedrooms are tiny!) and there are socks everywhere. Never in the shower curtain though, too funny.

a said...

I can't wait to by my copy of How to Be a Boy! I want a signed copy; and more Afton Blog posts!!!

Debbie said...

Hahahaha! So funny! :)

That's just like stuffing candy wrappers in between the cushions of the couch.

Nice draping's actually more of a sock valance.

Heather said...

Soooo funny. It does make you wonder--was it really more work to just put the sock in the hamper, or was it just more fun to throw it & see if it hung on the curtain rod?