Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mind the Gap

Jeggings are not a product of The Gap

My suggestion for induction into fashion's Hall of Shame: Jeggings. Not familiar with Jeggings? They are leggings that look like jeans. They are made of lycra or spandex or some unidentifiable material that fell from space. They look good on .1% of the population, but the other 99.9% will be the ones to wear them.

See, the problem with last seasons hot newcomer to the jean scene, Skinny Jeans, is they left too much to the imagination (i.e. how could anyone be sure a skinny-jean-wearer really had knees and ankles.) The other problem with skinny jeans, of course, is that not everyone was able to get them buttoned.

Not a problem with Jeggings--no buttons required.

I ran into my first Jeggings today when I went to the mall. I was kind of excited because I went down a size in pants. (Yay Game On!) Please understand, I have no illusions that this new pant size is one I will be able to maintain long term. However, it's only the second time since I was 16 that I've been this size, so I thought a new pair of jeans was deserved. Even if I only fit into them for 3 weeks.

I passed the Jeggings and went to The Gap to take advantage of their "tall" sized jeans. If' I'm going to spend $70 on a new pair of jeans I will only fit into for 3 weeks, they better not be floods. The Gap had this new sizing with strange numbers and I couldn't understand what I was looking at, so I got some help from an employee.

Boy was she helpful. She kept calling me honey and steered me away from the straight legged jeans, which is what I wanted, to the Long and Lean jeans, which give the wearer the illusion of being long and lean. (Did I not look long and lean enough already? Really. My legs are freakishly long, I don't need any help making them look longer.) I tried them on in a size SMALLER than what I wore in high school. I was not fooled by The Gap's "vanity sizing." Like a smaller number will make me feel more lean? (It did.)

Next up, the Sexy Boot jean. The helpful gal shoved 3 different sizes in my arms and a couple more pairs of Long and Lean. I tried to steer her over to the Straight jeans, but she would have none of it. "Lift up your shirt" she said so she could get a look at my waist. "Now turn around." She actually said I had no butt. "I can't sell you these jeans unless I get a good look at them on," she said.

The jeans fit fine, although they were too flared at the bottom (I wanted Straight cut jeans!), but the hips and thighs were about as tight as could be. It was like they were sprayed on. Like they were Jeggings! One cookie and these pants would no longer fit me.

"That's exactly how they are supposed to fit," she said. "If I were you, I' would buy these pants, and I'm not saying that because I work on commission. I would buy these pants and take them home and sit down and watch a movie and just see how comfortable they are. I guarantee you, you will be back next week to buy two more pair."

I just want a pair of pants that have a little room. I may be the same size I was when I was 16 (in pants, not taking into account that what once was my 16 year old size has now been vanity sized down) but I don't want to look like I'm trying to be a 16 year old. No offense to 16 year-olds.

I got two t-shirts instead.


Erika said...

I can't believe you're the size you were when you were 16! That's not an easy task for many women. Way to go. I don't even want to know what size you are! And good for you for not giving in to the sales lady. There are plenty of other places to find a good pair of jeans. My favorite pair are from the Buckle (I tried to find ones with the least decorated pockets. The cut looks good on anybody!) and J. Crew. I also like Lands End pants/jeans because you can order just the right size and they will often hem them for you for free. I can't remember the last time I wore a pair of Gap jeans, just never crazy about them on me or maybe everytime I've tried them on it's been at a "fat" time. Just my 2 cents on jeans.

a said...

I have not been able to buy a comfortable pair of pants that are at MY WAIST in 6 years. Please God, I don't ask for much, but I would really love some pants in my size, in my fit (remember the hips you gave me?)that are made for women and not men. I know you are kinda busy, but if it would not be too much to ask....

Emily Laing said...

OMG! Those pants are crazy! I just bought a couple pairs of jeans at TJ Maxx and they both had tummy panels in them...I'm getting old...and 5 babies does wonders to your gut...so no GAP for me.

Anna said...

I had a pair of "jeggings" when I was in 2nd grade. But they were supposed to look stonewashed or something. I have a love/hate relationship with jeans. They never fit. I spent $100 on jeans once and they were awesome, but because I haven't had $100 since, I buy $30 jeans at Maurice's I think and they do alright. I don't think I will ever be the "size" I was in high school because back then I was a 10 or so and although I weigh exactly the same 10 years later I'm somehow a 4 now? (ps. I especially hate maternity jeans)

Angela!! said...

Well, you know I'm pretty much the Jean expert and Jean snob here. I used to buy jeans from Kohls. Gap was a splurge. One day they fit, the next day they don't. You love them and wear them everyday and then one day, bam, no fit anymore. So, I started buying designer jeans. For a newbie I would direct you to Macy's for a pair of Seven's in the Dojo style. These are very flattering, extremely long and they will always fit the same way. The trick though is you need to buy them tight because they will loosen. It's very important. Seven's will run you about $169 per pair but it is completely worth it. I've been 115 pounds and 128 pounds and still been able to wear the same jeans. They all fit differently because they are hand made. I promise, these will become your all time favorite jeans. They are comfortable, long, extremely flattering and will last forever, as long as you wash them inside out and never put them in the dryer. Trust me. I am a Jean expert. One glance at my collection will prove this point.