Friday, July 1, 2011

How to Be A Boy: The Quiet Game

When you are riding in the car, a good game to play is "The Quiet Game." It's especially great if your little brothers' gibber jabber is driving you nuts. Here's how you play:

Ethan: Let's play the quiet game. Starting . . . NOW! (Two seconds later) Pause--there is no touching anyone else--un-pause. (Two seconds later) Pause--no coughing or laughing either--un-pause. (Three seconds later) Pause--and no more pausing allowed--un-pause.

Isaac: (Ten seconds later) Hey Jonah, can I borrow your . . . .

Ethan: Isaac loses!

Isaac: No fair! I didn't even know we were playing! Mom!!!!

Ethan: Okay, we'll start again. Starting . . . NOW!

(The view in the rear-view mirror shows three boys sticking their tongues out and making other funny faces at each other. They wave their arms inches from each other's faces, but without actually touching. They bob and weave and do everything they can without making a noise.)

Jonah: (13 seconds later, huffs audibly)

Ethan: Jonah loses!

Jonah: That's not fair! I was just breathing. Mom!!!!!

Ethan: Okay, okay. We can play again.

And the quiet game continues. Somehow, mom has found her happy place and hasn't crashed the car in a fit of insanity.

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a said...

I forgot how much I love the How to be a Boy's!!!!! Bring it on sister!