Monday, April 4, 2011


My time in the desert is coming to an end. It's been six relaxing days of reading, sitting in the sun, eating out and not having any responsibilities. And sun. Did I mention there was sun? Six days of sun and blue skies and warm temperatures. I soaked it all in. Every minute.

And I hope I soaked up enough sun and enough relaxation to last for a while. 

I have missed my family, a little. I will be excited to see them all tomorrow. At their request I got each a little souvenir. Isaac and Jonah have arrowheads and an old coin (1901 and 1903 Indian Head pennies). I got Ethan a dirt shirt made with authentic St. George red dirt. I'm guessing the dirt will transfer to all my other clothes in the wash. 

And for me? 

I am bringing home a lovely knee-high sunburn on the front of my legs. Not that anyone will see it. I hear it's rainy and cold in Portland and probably will be for the next three months. I'll probably be wearing long pants until the sunburn has faded back to a pasty white. But I'll know it's there. And it will remind me of a great six days.


Natalie said...

I didn't realize you were there on your own. Words cannot describe how fabulous that sounds. Where/how did you get the 1901 and 1903 pennies?

Erika said...

What a great escape for you, lucky! Glad to hear you took some time for yourself. It sounds like it was very therapeutic.

Afton said...

Yes, alone and yes, very thearputic. It was hard to get in the car to drive to the airport this morning.

Natalie, I got the pennies at a little shop called Cowboys and Indians in St. George. They just had them for sale packaged up with an arrowhead for $4.95. Kind of a rip off, but I know the boys will be excited.