Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Jell-o Project: The Proposal

Finally, my Jell-o is getting the respect it deserves. The recipe that finally broke through the gelatin ceiling? Orange Gelatin Cups. It's simple, it's easy, and best of all, it has no crushed pineapple.

So, cue Pachelbel's Canon in D while I describe what went down:

Jonah: Mmmm! This is so good! I love this Jell-o. I want to marry this Jell-o!
(Jonah stands up, holding his Jell-o plate in his hands like a pillow with a ring on it. I start humming the wedding march as Jonah step-together-step-together-steps across the kitchen floor.)
Jonah: (turning back to look at me) Are you going to put this on your blog?
Me: Duh.

Isaac loved his special serving of this Jell-o I made without mandarin oranges.

Ethan ate it, but not without including a stunning dramatic portrayal of a kid who's forced to eat his own barf.

Robert ate it, but I'm not requiring him to make Jell-o comments anymore because he lacks the ability to hyperbolize.

And if there is anything I need in a blog post about Jell-o, it's a little hyperbole.


Debbie said...

After nearly a year (is that right?) success must be particulary sweet! However, are you certain it was the recipe and NOT the new molds? :)

Afton said...

This mold did lend itself to the orange segments quite nicely. I have to say, the mold WAS the inspiration for this recipe. Even though half the oranges floated up when I added the Jell-o, I still think it turned out pretty cool. By the way, the only Jell-o molds I can find anymore are the 3 from you. I think my kids have hidden my grandmother's old ones.

Debbie said...

Have you found your grandmother's molds yet? It's hilarious and so sad that they may have hidden them!