Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Jell-o Project: Oh, What's the Point?

It's hard to tell that it's spring by looking out the window, but Pastel Gelatin Salad makes it look like spring at the dinner table.

I had no illusions that my family would eat this salad. I made it for me. To cheer me up and make me think of brighter, warmer days ahead. I think it would compliment an Easter dinner perfectly with it's citrus flavor and crushed pineapple. I did not add the nuts to this recipe. I would have enjoyed them but the perfectly good walnuts would have been wasted on the rest of the Jell-o Luddites. I did, however, shudder and add the mayonnaise. Just to keep the recipe authentic.

So, how did the family react? Jonah ate the whole thing and said he liked the marshmallow topping the best. Ethan ate two bites and refused to eat anymore. Isaac ate one bite and didn't like it. Robert said he thought it would bother his stomach, which was feeling a little sensitive, and better not have any.

I enjoyed it.

I am starting to think that my family just needs a Jell-o paradigm shift. I don't think they understand what the Jell-o salad experience is supposed to be.

I'm not giving up.


a said...

I think they need Jello t-shirts! Maybe even Jello hats! A personal letter from Bill Cosby or the Jello company! They need to feel a part of the larger picture. Rise up from guinea pig status, and stand tall as Jello interested parties. Perhaps they need to feel as though they matter to Jello itself.

claire said...

I have an idea for a YW activity that I am embarrassed to suggest. It's a crazy jello making contest. Does jello come in all the YW value colors?

Afton said...

I LOVE the YW value Jell-o idea.