Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's For Dinner?

I am just now crawling into bed and have noticed the beginnings of my shopping list on the night stand beside me. Actually, I never got as far as the "list" part. I started this morning by trying to think of things we could eat for dinner during the week. I only got as far as, "meatloaf." That is the only meal idea I have for the upcoming week. Meatloaf.

I got online to get ideas and spent 20 minutes looking at Jell-o recipes and another 20 looking at dessert recipes. Not a complete waste of time, but I didn't get any closer to figuring out what to have for dinner this week.

Fettuccine Alfredo sounded good, so I checked out the recipe on Pioneer Woman Cooks. While she did a bang-up job of presenting the recipe and directions, she also convinced me that fettuccine Alfredo was literally the road to ruin. One bite and I'd be popping out of my jeans. The same jeans I sacrificed four weeks to fit into. I decided against fettuccine Alfredo. Sigh.

I asked Ethan, "What is something you'd like for dinner this week?"

"Steak," he replied.

"Okay, that's one idea. What else?" I asked.

"Flank steak," he said.

"Okay, that's kind of expensive. Can you think of something else you'd like?"

"Sirloin steak," he said.

"Forget it," I said.

Jonah and Isaac suggested chicken nuggets and French fries, and when I asked the husband what he'd like for dinner this week, he replied, "what are my options?"

Options? If I had a list of options, I wouldn't need to ask!


So, meatloaf.

Ooh! What about chicken tortilla soup!

Yay! Now I have two things to make for dinner this week. At this rate I'll have the rest of the week's menu figured out by Tuesday.

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claire said...

I just started a subscription to Cook's Illustrated. So I'm going to make everything in this month's issue-roast chicken, cuban beans and rice, mushroom ragu, whole wheat bread, and boston cream pie. Not all dinners but they all sound good.