Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Does This Make Me a Beekeeper?

At church I work with a youth group called Beehives. They are 12 and 13 year old girls who do not wear beehive hats on their heads, but I thought this picture was cute and so are my Beehives. Now that I've typed the word a couple times, I realize how silly "Beehives" sounds. So maybe I should explain that the beehive is really more of a symbol of industry. The girls are able to set goals to be productive and stay busy with many good things. And I think at one time maybe 100 years ago, they used to keep beehives as one of their projects.

Okay, enough about why they are called Beehives. They just are.

On Sunday I needed to make an announcement about our weekly activity. We are doing three heart attacks. This is when you "attack" someone or their room or front porch, with a plate of goodies and lots of cut out hearts with sweet messages on them. The girls are excited, but I needed to take care of some business so the activity would run smoothly. I needed people to sign up to bring cupcakes and frosting and candy decorations.

This is how the announcement went down to my class of 12 Beehives:

Me: I need to go over a few details about this week's activity.

(Three hands shoot up in the air)

Me: (to Beehive #1) Did you have a question?

Beehive #1: Where will you be at 7:45, because I'm going to be late and can meet up with you at 7:45, but I need to know where you will be? Do you think you will still be here at the church decorating the cupcakes? I just need to know where to show up because I'm going to be late.

Me: Well, I'm not sure where we will be at 7:45. I'll probably have a better idea at the activity. (To Beehive #2) Do you have a question?

Beehive #2: I just think that we should probably figure out who's bringing what so we don't have a bunch of the same stuff.

Me: Right, I've got a list here and I'll go over everything. (to Beehive #3) Yes, Beehive #3?

Beehive #3: So, who are we going to heart attack? Because I have this friend and I think we should do her. It would be so awesome.

Me: Okay. Why don't you let me go over everything and if you still have questions you can ask when I'm done talking. I need 4 people to bring 12 unfrosted cupcakes.


Me: I'll bring one dozen. Can someone else do another?


Beehive #4: I can bring cupcakes

Beehive #5: Okay, I'll bring cupcakes too.

Me: Great! Thank you. Maybe 3 dozen will be enough. How about frosting? Anyone? (crickets) Just a can from the store will be fine. (crickets)

Beehive #1: So, do you think I should meet you at someones house while you are heart attacking? Cause I'm going to be late.

Beehive #2: I can't bring anything because my mom has already gone shopping for the week.

(The bell rings signaling the end of class and the room clears out at lightning speed, except for...)

Beehive #1: So...

Me: Why don't I just give you my cell number and you can call me.

I do love my girls. They are such a refreshing change from my boys and I find it very helpful to listen and see what is going on in the lives of these young women. Every one of them is talented and beautiful.  But sometimes their apparent lack of focus, the way they fly from one topic to another, or their cute little buzzing they do with their friends during class, when they are supposed to be listening to the lesson, makes me think think the beehive is a actually a very appropriate symbol.


Natalie said...

Love this post! You're right, "beehive" is one of those terms that must sound odd to those not well-versed in our lingo. "What do you do again in your church?" "I'm the beehive advisor." (crickets)

Merilee said...

Ahhhh Beehives . . . I still remember being a Beehive and having THE coolest counselors at Girls Camp - Afton Atwood and Kristen Claysen. You guys were the best!:)

claire said...

Nothing like working in Young Women to make you realize you are not a young woman, and to appreciate it.

Marah said...

Better you than me, my friend.