Thursday, February 24, 2011


For the third time this winter, the news people forecasted a major snow dump on Portland. And, for the first time they were right. Sort of. I suppose you could argue the words "major" and "dump." It was more "minor" and "dusting." But it was most certainly snow. One out of three isn't bad.

A snow day was called and school was cancelled. My boys were out on the hill behind our house by 7:30am--earlier than they normally wake up for school. It was a good thing though, because by noon, the snow on the sledding hill had all melted. 

Jonah made a giant snowball and he didn't want to just leave it in the open space. He rounded up a few neighborhood kids to bring it into the backyard for him. Notice, Jonah is not part of the snowball pushing group. I believe he is offering comments and suggestions from the sidelines somewhere.

The kids weren't sure the snowball would fit through our gate, but with a little shoving and a little shaving it was rolled neatly onto our lawn. Robert stood in the kitchen making big head shaking movements and crossing his arms in an "X" pattern and mouthing the words, "get that thing off my lawn!" 

Too late.

With a little effort, Jonah climbed atop the snow ball and posed for a picture. One of the kids who'd helped roll the ball onto the lawn said, "This is the best day ever!" Which is a pretty bold designation to make at 8:45 in the morning. But he was probably right.

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