Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Learning to Walk

It's only taken 41 years, but I've finally come to terms with my height. I'm 5'10" and not afraid to show it. No more slouching to try and fit in with a group of average height friends. No more complaining about having to pay extra for "tall" sized clothing, and no more shunning high heels. (OK, I'll probably still complain about paying extra for clothes. Sorry)

Today my first high heels came in the mail. Actually, I should say the first high heels of my adult life, because there was that sadly misguided pair of knock-off Cherokee wedge sandals I wore in 6th grade. I thought I was being conservative on the heel height of my new shoes (pictured above). After all, if you look at it from one angle, they don't appear to be too tall.

But when I tried them on, I realized I'd stepped into a different dimension. First off, my head was at a higher elevation than it had ever been. I might possibly have to duck through doorways now. I'll certainly be the first to detect rain or snow fall.

The main issue, of course, is the walking. In other words, will I be able to walk and not look like one of those new born calves with the wobbly legs? Or a deer who can't get her footing on the smooth floors of a high school? The jury is still out.

One thing that concerns me is that when I walk, my ankles make a strange click. Is this supposed to happen? Will it eventually go away? Or is it the sign that with continued high heel use, my feet will eventually need to be amputated? At the very least, the clicking is mildly uncomfortable.

But the shoes are fabulous. And if I can learn to walk in them, and suffer the strange ankle clicking, it will be totally worth it.


Emily Laing said...

I think I might have just peed my pants!!! LOL! I can totally relate tall friend. I started wearing heels, not counting those little 1 1/2 babies but real heels, a couple years ago. So what if I look like an amazon! It's freeing. And just think, you can see what's happening at all the stake dances before anyone else!

Natalie said...

My left ankle has clicked my whole life, same as my dad's. He tells me it's actually a fluid that makes the snapping sound. Maybe yours is the same thing. Btw, wish I was tall. I just look like a wanna-be no matter how high my heels are.

Angela Hunter said...

there's a girl i work with who is probably 5'10 or taller. She loves shoes and ALWAYS wears the most extravagant and huge heels. She looks awesome all the time. She towers over us but doesn't care. Wear them proudly. Welcome to the world of fabulous shoes!

Samurai Mom said...

The clicking is the best part.