Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Et Tu, Harry?

I read some sad, sad news on Monday. It seems the director of the latest Harry Potter movie has decided to push the limits of the "13" in the PG-13 rating for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.

If you recall, in the book Harry, Ron and Hermione set off on their own to find the remaining horcruxes and destroy Voldemort once and for all. While they are camping in the woods, Ron comes under some kind of hallucinatory spell in which he sees Harry and Hermione kissing. This throws Ron into a fit of jealousy and he leaves.

Here is how the director saw that scene according to this article:

"Though they were partly clothed, the scene leaves the impression that Radcliffe and Watson are stripped naked. Both wore jeans, while Radcliffe went shirtless and Watson had the front of her torso covered, leaving her back and shoulders bare.

"'I didn't want to put them through complete nudity,' said director David Yates. 'I didn't think it was necessary, because we were going to put some smoke around them' for the scene, which Ron witnesses through a hallucinatory fog.

I wonder if director David Yates knows who will be seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. Or should I say, who will NOT be seeing this movie now that they know about this scene.

Honestly! This is a kids book. I realize the plot has warped into Young Adult territory over Harry's seven years at Hogwarts, and that's absolutely fine. The Harry Potter series is an anomaly in that it appeals to readers from 5 to 105. But Harry Potter is first and foremost a kids book and the movie should be appropriate for kids to see. There are plenty of readers and fans who do not need to see Harry and Hermione in a naked kissing scene.

I'm a 41 year old married mom and I'm one of them. And my 12 year old son is definitely another. He's been looking forward to this movie since he finished reading the book and now I don't know how I can possibly take him to see it.

I might be in the minority with my position. And I haven't actually seen the scene, so perhaps I'm not the best judge. But the director's intentions seem clear according to the article: he wanted the viewers to believe both characters were naked. How is this not pornography?

And don't give me that business that it's a short 15 seconds out of a 120 minute movie. If there's a fly in your soup, you don't eat around it. You send it back!


Erika said...

That's the biggest bummer EVER! Gwen is so bummed right now! We have been counting down the days. That is so LAME!!!

Chelsea said...

How can we find out about this? I was even considering going tonight with Levi! THis is the worst news EVER.

Samurai Mom said...

I think SOMEBODY actually needs to see the scene before we all get huffy about it. It might NOT be all that Utah claims that it is.

Anna said...

Derek read about the scene last night. It is so disapointing but it seems like all movies eventually start heading in that direction, no matter how good they start. I've only read the last book in the series, so I'm fine not watching the movie. We probably wont unless we watch it on ClearPlay or something.

I-Shüan Warr said...

I just read this:

There is quite the drama going on in the comments section there too. Sheesh. Don't even start on those.

Gwen said...

I KNOW. Why does everything have to be about sex? Even if it is just 15 seconds, even if it isn't all Utah claims it to be, it's still putting sex into a kid's movie. All of the sex in Glee? I could see that coming. But Harry Potter??

a said...

The most beautiful sex scene I have ever seen was between Superman and his new wife Lois Lane. They looked deeply into each others eyes while fully clothed, and then the next scene was them wrapped in a silver blanket on some sort of silver bed. I think Lois was in a nightgown. Nothing was shown, it was just suggested that they loved each other that was it! And they were, uh, MARRIED!!! Really directors, we have imaginations.