Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bird Nerd

I realized at 2am as I lay awake in my bed, too cold to get out from under the covers, that I have turned into a bird nerd. This feeder is right outside my kitchen window so I get an up-close view of all the birds that come to eat. It's fun to watch them fight over the best position on the perch. Well, fun for me.

This is a House Finch that looked particularly pretty* against the backdrop of snow. I also have a few Black-capped Chickadees, and Dark-eyed Juncos visit the feeder every day.

This February, the Jackson Bottom Wetland is having a bird house contest. They're calling it the Tweet of Dreams. How clever is that? Anyway, I'm totally in. I'll get started on it right after the holidays. I'm sure the fact that I've never built a birdhouse before will not hinder me in the least.

*Just to make myself clear, I think the bird in the picture is pretty, not cute.


Angela Taylor said...

Afton, that is a very "pretty" picture. Nice job. And yes, I do think you are a bird nerd based on the fact that you know the names of more than two birds, and what they look like.

Betty Grace said...

I am so proud!