Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Turning Points

Today was filled with not one, but several turning points. It started when I returned the milk bottles from my attempt at being a locavore to Whole Foods.

My First Time at Whole Foods
The milk man carries no cash, so he could not pick up my milk bottles and give my back my $2 deposit for each one. I was instructed to return them to Whole Foods. I'd never been to Whole Foods and wasn't entirely sure where the nearest one was located. I'd once heard Whole Foods referred to as "Whole Paycheck" so I was pretty sure it wasn't a store for me. When I arrived at Whole Foods I realized that I hadn't put my contact lenses in this morning and that it wasn't my sunglasses that were dirty, it was my eyes that couldn't see very well. So I squinted my way around this lovely but blurry store and picked up a few items I needed for dinner. I had a hard time finding the bread, but after a couple loops around the store, located the crusty, artisan loaves. Mmm. I think I'll be back to Whole Foods in the future, even though I'm NOT a locavore anymore. I just need to see what the place looks like in focus.

The Game On! Scores Came in...
...and I realized my team was probably not going to win. Unless one annoyingly perfect dieter would mess up at Disneyland next week, our chances were nil. But we are all winners, right?

I Learned A New Mac Thing
Shh. Don't tell anyone. I'm still learning how to use my MacBook. I've been wanting to organize some of my bookmarks and also my documents folder. Thank you Angela for teaching me how to create new folders. Sometimes things are so easy, they're hard.

My First Critique Group!
Oh my, here we go again. I may be jumping into something that is completely out of my league. I've been invited to join a critique group for middle grade writers. We will submit 10 pages to each other and make suggestions and comments and then return the documents with feedback. FYI, all the other writers are currently submitting their work for publication. Novels. Real stuff. But, if my recent foray into risk taking has taught me anything, it's that you don't work towards your goals by not taking risks. (Unless your goal is to never take a risk. Hmm. Apparently, I have to work on my sage wisdom.)


Angela!! said...

Afton this is awesome! It is not out of your league. Totally in your league. You are amazing and the group will be lucky to have you as a new member! You rock!

Thanks for the shout out!

Joanna said...

Not out of your league at all :-)