Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thoughts on Time Management

It's 7:11 am on Saturday morning.

I'm not sure why I'm awake, but I am. It's not such a bad thing. Everyone is asleep and I've already had a good hour of quiet time doing a little research on line (back to the comic book art questions) and enjoying a little writerly advice from Laini Taylor. And then I looked outside.

It was just before dawn and the sky had lightened enough that any scary things on the walking path to the Pirate Park would surely be gone. I could get out for a little exercise. I went to get a few extra warm things to put on because it seems to be a bit nippy this morning. But while fishing around the sock drawer in my darkened bedroom, I realized I am not going outside to exercise at all.

At least not right now.

It's Saturday. I can go for a walk any ding dang time I want. Why waste this blissful morning of alone time by leaving the house?

Sometimes I can be so smart.

So this morning, I'm going to wait until everyone wakes up and starts demanding things, like food and attention and heaven help me, rides to Game Stop, and that is when I'll leave for my walk.

That's time management people.


Angela!! said...

That's awesome. I was totally going to call you at 7:11 this morning. I'll be sure to do that tomorrow.

Afton said...

not if I call you at 7:10 am.

a said...

Smart, smart! So very smart!

macky said...

wow...a productive day...thats good time management.thumbs up!

Angela!! said...

update your blog. I'm going to stop checking it everyday.

Angela!! said...

clearly my voice mail did not make that much of an impact on you. I expected this thing to be updated by now. What a disgrace!