Monday, October 11, 2010

First Lines Revealed

Just so you know, I'm not promising to read the most popular first line book first. In fact, one of these books is going back to the library today or tomorrow, unread, because I just don't have time to read it and it's due tomorrow. I have too many books and too little time. Sad, isn't it?

Many of these books I requested after reading a list of dystopian books that may fill my Mockingjay void once I'd finished that series. Others are books that were listed by Betsy Bird as having Newbery potential. And one of them was lent to me by my neighbor and I'm in no hurry to read it. Because she doesn't charge late fees, but also because...

It was #10

Escape by Carolyn Jessop, the story of one woman's escape from an FLDS polygamous compound with her 8 children. I actually started reading this one but took a break to read other things. It kind of creeped me out.

Here are the other books which I don't have enough time to even explain, so I'll let Amazon do the explaining for me.


Erika said...

Oooh ya, scratch "Escape" for me! I can't handle books like that, although I'm sure it's very interesting. I haven't read Mockingjay yet and from what I've heard I'm not sure if I will anytime soon. Does it leave you feeling complete? I just want everything tied up very nicely, even if she doesn't end up with who I want her to be with (Gale).

Afton said...

I actually really liked Mockingjay. Yes, the ending left me feeling a little depressed, but it felt right to feel that way. It was completely engaging, exciting and I couldn't put it down, just like the other books. You should definitely read it. I think it helped me that I was so worried by other people's negative response to the ending that I had lowered expectations.

a said...

What is an FLDS compound?

Afton said...