Monday, June 7, 2010

The Jell-o Project: An Attempt at Reverse Psychology

Meet Lime Cucumber Jell-o salad. I knew there was very little chance my family would like this savory Jell-o salad so I decided to not let them have any.

This week I simply did not have the constitution to withstand my offspring's various complaints, whines and pained facial expressions. Let's just say I'm feeling a little sensitive these days. But more than that, I realized that if I can't get my kids to eat ice cream Jell-o, and Cool Whip Pudding Jell-o, cucumber Jell-o was right out.

And then there was the small part of me which thought to employ Ye Olde Reverse Psychology.

The only problem with the covert mental tactics was that, as it turned out, the Jell-o was fairly disgusting. I attribute this to the addition of a quarter cup of white vinegar to the lime Jell-o. The teaspoon of grated onion was also an ingredient impossible to overlook, but only on principle. A teaspoon? Really?

Still, I partook of the Lime Cucumber Jell-o salad with aplomb. I made comments like: I'm the only one who gets Jell-o tonight. Mmm, it's so good. Sorry, I didn't make any for you. You would all just hate it anyway.

It worked.

"Can I try some?" Jonah said.

I couldn't lie. "Really, it's not very good. I don't think you will like it." Still, I held a spoonful of the stuff out for him to sample.

His assessment of "not bad" was just the encouraging lie Ethan needed to try it.

"I know you'll hate it," I said, reaching a small taste across the table towards his skeptical mouth.

I was right. But then Robert wanted some.

Isaac was too smart to be taken in by my mind games, but the rest of us heartily agreed that Lime Cucumber Jell-o Salad was a bit stomach-churning.

This is the first time since the inception of The Jell-o Project that my entire family has been united on the subject of Jell-o.



Erika said...

What a pretty color! You're brave to try that--the vinegar alone would turn me off.

Shelli said...

At least they know they can trust you! You said it wasn't very good, and it wasn't. Maybe they'll cut you some slack next time when you tell them, "It's actually quite delicious!"

a said...

If you buy the third book in the Hunger Games, can I be first in line after you to read it?
and um, good try on the reverse psychology.

Indie_bindi said...

Hahah. That was hillarious. I often use that trick with my younger sister.

anyway, just visting. You're blog is really cute and delicious looking. :]

WA Julian said...

Haha! Nice! Reminds me of the tricks my own mother used to try on me.