Friday, June 25, 2010

Whoopie! It's Summer

We don't subscribe to the newspaper, but we still get the free weekly "Food Day" delivered to our driveway every Tuesday. Normally I take it directly from driveway to recycling bin, but this week Robert got to it first and brought it inside.

The featured food this week was the whoopie pie.

They looked delicious and I had nothing else to do except cart the kids to swimming lessons and free bowling sessions, bandage up scraped knees, micro manage the clean-up of busted water balloons, make breakfast, lunch and dinner, stay ahead of the laundry, nag about wet towels on the floor, insist on baths and teeth brushing for stinky boys, mediate arguments, plan a birthday party and investigate that burning smell.

So I decided to make them.

I started out with the classic whoopie pie: Chocolate cake-cookie with marshmallow filling. The recipes can be found here. While they were tasty, I felt the cookie part was not cakey enough. I followed the recipe to the letter, including sifting the dry ingredients. Who sifts? I did. These cookies tasted fine, I just thought the texture was a bit off.

The next day I tried the s'more whoopie pie. I purchased graham flour for these cookies which turned out more like I'd expected: light and cakey. OK, maybe they could have been a bit more dense. But at least the texture seemed spot on.

The chocolate ganache and marshmallow filling makes these cookies a little over the top. The first one is complete yum, but by s'more whoopie pie number two, I found myself with a sugar-induced headache.

I had considered buying the cookbook the Food Day article revolves around, but even though this cookbook features more than 40 mix and match recipes for endless combinations of whoopie, I believe I've reached my whoopie pie quota for a while.


Emily Laing said...

so I am going to try it with brown rice flour...hopefully it turns out!

I-Shüan Warr said...

Those first ones are beautiful! The cake part looks like those big soft chocolate cookies. Did it taste like a cookie instead of cake? That doesn't sound so bad to me!

Debbie said...

MMMM! Once again, I wish I lived closer!

Fitzgerald said...

This paper has been sitting on my counter for two weeks now! Just like you, it usually goes straight to recycling. My dog Jake brought the paper in on that Tuesday, just like every Tuesday and usually he takes it to the bin and I make him drop it in the recycling... But on this particular morning he took off the plastic wrapper and had the paper everywhere. Much to my surprise it said 'making whoopie' I took a double take and thought huh? and then thought YUMMERS!!! So this weekend I was going to try them!! I hope they turn out just a purdy as yours!!